Grinding gears, difficulty shifting, Dragging Gears, slipping out of gear?

Whether you drive a manual, automatic, CVT, or semi-automatic vehicle the transmission reduces engine output speed and delivers that power to the wheels. It is important to the reliability and performance of your vehicle that your transmission is in good working order.


Need a new clutch and flywheel? Whether your looking to upgrade or go with the original manufacturer parts we can assist in recommending the best options as the right clutch can help you put down the power properly. We only use parts from reputable sources and will be happy to install your new clutch.

In a manual transmission, too much free play and/ or an overly stiff clutch are signs of a clutch that needs to be serviced. whether its a hydraulic and cable-driven clutch our service staff will inspect and service all fluids and adjust control arms for proper tolerances. routine maintenance of these parts is required to keep all moving components operating efficiently.
if any parts are past their operating limits we will replace them at the time of service.

Transmission Service

  • Inspection of the clutch discs, pressure plate, flywheel, and other related transmission components.
  • Replace any required worn or damaged components.
  • The filter is replaced and if needed, the transmission screen is cleaned.
    (Transmission filters stop the abrasive wear and tear from causing problems to your vehicle.)
  • Check the transmission fluid replace and/or top off if necessary.
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