ECU chip

We may provide new performance chips or the installation of new software (remapping) that changes the ECU’s operating parameters such as air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, idle speed, valve timing, and RPM. Your cars manufacture usually puts limits on the performance of your car in order to meet emission standards.


Looking for better sounding exhaust? we will work with you in order to meet the needed of you our customer and your vehicle. Our technicians will happily source the product(s) from a credible source and have it fitted to your vehicle


Headers ensure a sufficient amount of air reaches the engine by getting rid of the exhaust flow more efficiently especially when headers are used in conjunction with the correct air filter


A turbocharger is a device that forces additional air into the engine's intake manifold by means of a compressor driven via a turbine which is spun by the exiting exhaust gases.


A supercharger is a device that also forces additional air into the engine's intake manifold, but it is instead driven mechanically by the engine or by an electric motor.

More Horsepower requires a higher air intake thus the addition of a supercharger/turbocharger makes that additional intake readily available.

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